Skype a Scientist

Do you ever wonder what it’s like being a scientist??

Do you have questions about what scientists actually do??

Do you ever wonder who scientists actually are??

Skype with a Scientist works to answer those questions for students around the country! Scientists started as students just like the ones in your classroom but had someone to inspire them and show them just how awesome science is! This program aims to match scientists with classrooms of students in any grade from around the country to answer any questions students might have!


The idea here is that we’d have students in your class prepare questions that they’d like a scientist to answer and then ask us in your classroom over Skype. These questions can be really anything they want to know about- career questions, GMO, vaccines, global climate change, what being a scientist is like, or anything else they come up with. The goal of the program is to have students across the country have positive experiences with scientists and see a scientist that is not the stereotypical white male with crazy white hair. Plus if we can teach a little science in the process, that’s an added bonus!

Currently, we have about 50 scientists from 16 Universities around the United States ready to talk to classrooms of any grade. Our scientists are graduate students, PhD holders, or are people already working in science. The specific areas of expertise of the scientists run the gambit- bacteria, immune cells, natural resource management, engineering, bioinformatics, oceanography, marine biology, fisheries management, aquaculture, you name it.

Skype sessions would be at least 30 minutes long but can also be tailored to your class length. In the form below you can request a topic/topics you would like to cover in the session or topics you are teaching that could be complemented with a Skype with a Scientist session. Once you have filled out the form and been matched with a scientist it will be up to you and your assigned scientist to determine a time and date that works for your classroom along with any specifics you would like covered. Once you have these details set we ask you to have your students prepare questions for the Skype session so they can get the most out of it.

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Our goal is for students to have a positive experience with a scientist! We aren’t looking for a scripted lecture here (there are plenty of those already online). Our goal is to provide an interactive experience for students who might have questions that they don’t know where to find the answers! Your goal is to get them excited about science. You can request to hold a session by yourself or with another scientist but once you are matched with a classroom it is up to you to make it your own (although we are here to help if you need it)! If you don’t feel comfortable talking about a certain subject please inform us through the form below.

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